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If It Sounds Too Good To Be True…

Have you heard the saying if it sounds too good to be true then it ...

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Essential Soft-Skills for Law Practice: Value, Confidence, and Thick Skin.

Before I became a lawyer I worked in sales at the Dallas CBS Station Group for almost seven years.  Much of my career focused on new business development, affording me the opportunity to work directly with business owners.  As a twenty-something old female working primarily with business owners I had to learn to value my […]

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Even Moments of Bad Lawyering Can Provide Value to A Young Lawyer

When I began my legal career I anticipated that all lawyers, or at least the ones with a license to practice, would be competent and professional.  Reality check – some lawyers toe the line of competency and professionalism quite well.  Yet, even those who push the line of bad lawyering have provided me with valuable […]

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Beyond Your Law Degree: Dealing with an Antagonistic Opposing Counsel

In law school, the lawyers I was fortunate to get to know were all helpful, ethical, and professional.  Thus, you can understand why I was stunned when my initial conversation with an opposing counsel began with attacking my client and my ability as a lawyer, and ended with screaming at me.  I thought this was an anomaly but a few […]

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Beyond Your Law Degree: Do You Have an Advisory Board?

Do you have a personal ”Advisory Board?”  First, what does that mean?  A personal Advisory Board refers to the relationships you have developed with people who act as resources to assist, guide, and advise you on certain matters, such as potential job opportunities or interpreting certain areas of law.  I wish I could take credit for coining the term, but […]

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